Transformation Tuesday

By: Brittany Harvey

In the salon world, there’s always that day that every hairdresser looks forward to: when one of our clients sits in our chair and says “I wanna do something different.” Our first reaction is usually the deer in the headlights look, but then it’s followed by an excited “Okay, what were you thinking?”

This is the kind of thing stylists live and breathe for. We love when our clients trust us to do something completely different with their hair, especially if the next words out of their mouths are “Do whatever you want!”

The most important thing about any color transformation is consultation. That’s where we, as stylists, get to sit back and listen to what the client wants. This part is extremely important because my idea of red might be completely different than the client’s idea of red. Does red mean a vivid red or more of a copper red? Pictures are key! They will give us the best idea of what you are and are not looking for. Honesty is the best policy when it comes to he consultation because we want to make sure that you are getting the result that you want in the end.

The end result might not even be achievable in the first visit. This is quite possibly the hardest thing to explain to the client. We want to give the client what they want, but we also want to do it in the best way possible to maintain the integrity of the hair. Fried hair isn’t really a desired look, so the process might take a few treatments and appointments.

The best part is the last part: styling and pictures! Transformations are made to be documented. It is absolutely mesmerizing to watch hair go from one thing to something completely different and to watch all of steps in between. Stylists love to show off their clients hair and all of the steps it took behind the scenes to achieve their look! That’s why we document on our Facebook and Instagram profiles. But remember, you must get permission from your client before you post.

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