Redken E-Liter Salon Sale

Everyone may be excited about the Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual sale, but the real Semi-Annual sale to get excited about is with our Liter-sale at Elements of Style Salon and Day Spa. Now, I know you what you are thinking, “How is shampoo and conditioner actually that exciting?”

This sale gives you 30% off of liters, which gives you four times the amount that is in a regular size bottle with very little difference in price. How quickly do you run out of those small bottles? It sometimes seems like they disappear in a blink of an eye. Liters could last you a year! Plus, who doesn’t love a free travel size hairspray with your purchase? If you are an avid traveller, our buy one get one free pumps make it easier to pump the shampoo and conditioner into a travel size container. Have a vacation home? Don’t worry about having to bring travel sizes each time and stock up with the liters to last you a while at your second home!

At this time of year, everyone has new years resolutions to become healthier. Healthier hair can be one of those resolutions. All of Pureology products are vegan. Did you consider the products you use when making resolutions about a major lifestyle change?

These liters allow you to try great products at a lower cost, but like any semi-annual sale you need to act fast because supplies are limited.

You may see some of these sales at beauty stores with a lower price. One thing to consider is that with some salons, like Elements of Style, money from sales goes towards an educational fund. The salon will then use this money for classes to make the service providers better so then they can better serve you.

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