Blossom Your Beauty

By: Tina Alvarez

It’s time to blossom your makeup! With the promise of warm weather and blue skies, there’s a lot to love about spring, including your makeup. Spring brings a change in the weather, blooms /’d even beauty trends. From pastel colors to flushed cheeks and pink lips. Allow your makeup to pop with radiant rose tones, pastel colored eyes, rosy cheeks and more natural looking make up. 

Mirabella’s new Lighten Up Spring Collection is just what you need. A dreamy new collection featuring flattering warm and glowing colors to enhance your natural beauty. With long wearing eyeshadow, glowing highlighter, new shades of lipstick and the must-have new Lasting Lash Waterproof Mascara. 

New shadows moisturizer while absorbing excess oils to keep your eyes looking fresh all day. The new formulas provide a light and fluffy texture that feels wet to the touch and dry to a smooth satin finish. These sparkling powders create an optical blurring effect which helps mask any wrinkles and leave a slightly shimmery appearance. 

Break out your blush and throw out your beauty inhibitions! Glowing highlighters add radiance to your skin leaving a soft, flattering glow and change color and sheen as you move. 

The new Lasting Lash Waterproof Mascara provides a protective barrier while adding moisture to your lashes. Lasting Lash is easy to remove, however when the tears start running, your mascara won’t!

For the lips that evoke the feeling of spring without being overpowering, swap out your deep red lipsticks for glossy pink tones. Complete your spring look with the new Colour Vinyl spring shades. The vivid colors flatter any skin tone and are perfect for spring! The glossy lipstick glides on smoothly, providing full coverage with nice shine and a satin finish. 

Flowers shouldn’t be the only thing blossoming this Spring!

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