Bat those Lashes

Everyone knows the saying “I woke up like this.” Well with a Nova Lash lash extensions, you can. From soft subtle doe-eyed lashes to long voluminous runway lashes, Nova Lash us a safe, beautiful and flawless way to be able to wake up every day and feel pretty without makeup. Nova Lash was founded in 2004. Since then, they have created and perfected the safest possible products and techniques, which is why they are the leader in the field of eyelash extensions.

Nova Lash is the best choice for your eyelash extensions due to their considerable knowledge within the field. Nova Lash eyelashes are waterproof, oil-proof and flexible, making them comfortable for the client. Nova Lash also last 2 times longer than leading competitors. Nova Lash was created to enhance any woman’s natural beauty. Are you an on-the-go mom that never has time to put on foundation, let alone Mascara? Do you hate how short your natural lashes are? Or maybe you just wish you could wake up everyday with thick, long, dramatic lashes. Whatever it might be, Nova Lash can create that look for you. Nova Lash is equipped with many different lengths, curl patterns and thicknesses to create the ideal look for you.

Nova Lash recommends that once you have your full set of lashes, you come back  and see your technician every two weeks to maintain your ideal Nova Lash set. Any type of lash set can be adjusted in curl pattern, length and thickness as you continue your journey with Nova Lash!

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