Splish Splash I Was Takin’ a Bath

Are you a bath taker? Do you love them so much that you could soak for hours? Do you sit with a book, glass of wine, candles lit, and just soak? You are only missing one thing…. a gourmet bath soak. Farm House Fresh came out with a therapeutic way to take a bath. The aroma of the soaks calm the mood, helping you relax and enjoy the peace and quiet. Farm House Fresh products are 97% organic, paraben and sulfate free, making them healthy for your skin. The bath soaks carried are Lavender Hibiscus, Rosemary Mint Tea and Coconut Milk. Lavender Hibiscus is an amazing way to relieve the pain from your sore muscles. It includes Atlantic Ceara, which is a salt harvested off the coast of Brazil, Epsom Salts, relaxing the muscles; scented with Lavender oil and mixed organic flowers and teas. The Rosemary Mint tea soak is also made from Epsom salts and Atlantic Ceara but scented with mint and rosemary oils and mixed with organic teas such as green tea, marigold blossoms, and rosebuds. Last but not least, Coconut Milk bath soak. This soak is a powder that once wet will become creamy to the touch. The creamy texture will coat the skin, leaving the skin soft. This is also amazing for irritated skin.

Here at Elements of Style, you can fill up your own jar with one of the three bath soaks or a mixture. This is a great gift that you can give to a friend, a thank you gift, for family, or even to secretly keep for those long days. Farm House Fresh also has created a tea bag like carrier that floats around the tub so that the salts don’t clog the drain.

So to all those bath takers… Farm House Fresh is your perfect, relaxing fit.

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