Beachy Breeze

Beachy breeze

Love those beach curls? Well it’s almost beach wave time. Let’s get those loose curls with just a couple quick tips.

Let’s start with dry hair to accomplish a quick blow dry, I recommend using the pillow proof blow dry express primer. This primer will help speed up blow dry times as while creating a smooth canvas for other products. Once the hair is completely dry, spray iron shape 11 all over the hair in order to protect the hair from heat damage. Split the hair in vertical 1 inch sections, the wider the section the looser the curl. Using a 1 inch curling iron, curl each section separately. Curling away from the face. You can choose any size curling iron but most of us use a 1 inch curling iron. This gives you the size curl that is nice and elegant but also stays in when you go from day to night. Ladies, when curling, leave those ends alone. Let them stick out from the curling iron. This gives the overall look of a tasseled, playful feel. Finishing off the tasseled look with some hairspray will do the trick. Before running your fingers through your hair, spray hairspray all over. We recommend Forceful 23 by Redken. The more hairspray the more the playfulness goes away. Now it’s time to pull those curls out. No we aren’t making your hair normal again. We are going to run our fingers through the hair to get an overall look. But first take a splash of Glow Dry by Redken to help with frizz. This will leave the hair hydrated and soft to the touch. Last, we are going to use wax blast by Redken to help create separation in the curls to give that true “By the sea” texture. Now that the look is finished let’s get out of the house and do something fun!

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