Spring is in the Hair

Now, some of you are probably wondering what else could possibly be another trend setter this season. Because as you know we have had about all of them! I have to admit, 2016 was filled with many show stopping styles and hair trends. Some very fun, bold styles; others had us saying and thinking “What in the world?!” But, needless to say whether we loved them or we weren’t so head over heals for, it’s another one to mark down in our fashion iconic history.

New York Fashion week showed some amazing Spring fashion trends that we can all look forward to seeing this upcoming season. Some big designers like tom Ford, Ralph Lauren, and Tommy Hilfiger had similar trends of bright colors and stripes. Even some trends from last season stuck around. We can see some of these in Magazines such as Vogue, Nstyle, and on our TV. In fact, the perfect time looking through magazines or during consultations you have with your stylist. We are all inspired by Pinterest, Instagram and many more social media accounts out there. Aside from all the fashion and bold outspoken looks, there’s always a crown that goes on top; it’s like the cherry on top of the cake and that’s your hair!

2016 was an amazing year filled with many big hair color trends like the Balayage technique, color melts, rose gold, silver, and mermaid hair. How could we possibly come up with something better? Don’t get too excited but most of these trends are sticking around. But there has been ‘talk about’ a new spring/summer trend called Blorange. This is where blonde meets orange. This is going to be a must by popular demand being as some fan favorite celebrities have taken this trend over. Including Gigi Hadid and Rosie Huntington. it is said to capture natural hues within your existing hair color and enhance it. Baby lights were introduced to us last season as well. It’s very popular on blondes. Blondes hair will never go out of style and we all know the saying “blondes have more fun” whether we are born a blonde or not, blonde trends get bolder every year. We have Bronde to look forward too this Spring as well. Bronde is described as not quite blonde and not quite brown. This is a perfect combination for brunette and blonde so if you are on the fence on what to try this Spring, Bronde just might be your next go-to hair trend. So share, look and post new styles that you love so that the following world can enjoy.

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