Shape up with Iron Shape 11

who likes heat? No, I’m not just talking about the weather. Do you like blow drying your hair? Straightening or curling? When Straightening or curling, do you watch the steam come off the iron before you let go? some people believe that the longer you hold the straightener or curling iron on your hair the longer the style will stay. False!

Not everyone knows about the importance of a heat protectant. Not all protectants are the same but Redken came out with a product that is amazing for all hair types. The Iron Shape 11 has multiple benefits. This heat protectant helps with the overall shine of your hair,  it can be put on wet or dry hair and has a “No feel” medium hold. this just means that it still has playability with flexibility. It doesn’t weigh down the hair to the point where the volume is invisible. This heat protectant protects up to 450 degrees. Iron Shapes restyling technology helps if you need that touch up during the day. Going out on the town? Go from straight to curly for that day to night look.

Okay, you have to shake it…. and shake it well. This ensures that all the ingredients are well mixed before use. It also makes sire that the application is more even. Again, mist it on damp or dry hair. Then blow dry…. if you hair is damp. This will keep the hair protected from the blow dryer as well as the curling iron or straightener. The  style as normal.

Now that your hair is styled to your liking…. Go have some fun!

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