Summer (H)air


Blow dry, blow Dry, blow dry is what every stylist has ever told you. “If you want it to go this way you have to train it…. or the famous, ‘ see how simple this is?” Not so simple huh? Now you can just laugh when they tell you Blow dry, blow dry, blow dry.

Redken came up with the most genius thing ever. And no its not the Genius wash. This new product is an Air dry cream called NO BLOW DRY. Sounds more difficult then you think. Are you ready? Hop out of the shower… towel dry hair…. and then rub the cream on the hair. SEEE so simple!

Okay now Redken has three different types of air dry creams. The green tube is the No Blow Dry airy cream. This is for fine hair. This is for the clients that don’t have a lot of hair or even the clients that have hair but its very thin. The blue tube is the No Blow Dry Just Right Cream. This is for clients that have a normal about of hair and the hair is not fine or course.  And last but not least the Pink/ purple bottle is the No Blow Dry  bossy cream. This is for course, thick hair. The stubborn hair that doesn’t seem to do what you tell it too.  And once again it gives you the most out of your product. This is just going to enhance the dry time for your hair as well ad the over all feel of the hair. It leaves the hair feeling smooth and soft without all the work of a blow dryer and a round brush.

So everyone knows that each and every product has a tip and trick on how to use it. If you take a shower at night, then no worries. Put the No Blow Dry cream in after the shower, braid the hair, put it in rollers, or every up in clips and head to bed. This is going to naturally curl or wave the hair. Wake up in the morning, take the braids or rollers out and wallah!, you have waves. On the go moms with kids? yep, you have to try this! trust me…. its my new favorite!


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