Farm House Fresh has done it again!

by: Marcela Ridgely

Farm house Fresh has done it again! Not only are these products some of their newest but they are already proving to be out top sellers.

I can not tell you how much I love one of our newest masks, Guac star. With allergy season here and summer creeping up, this soothing and skin quenching mask is a much have for the season. Not only has it relieved my puffy, itchy, allergy skin, it also provides instant relief for the delicate skin around the eyes. Keep this mask in the fridge if you want an even better result for puffy eyes or for chilled after sun relief. This super hydrating and soothing mask is made with Avocado butter, oil, and extract to protect the skin from environmental stress, like pollen and sun. Avocado’s smorgasbord of vitamins B5, B6, K, E, and C will leave your skin refreshed all day long. Did I mention, all the ingredients are powerful antioxidants to fight the signs of aging.

If you are already familiar with our Honey Heel Glaze, then you are sure to love the newest all over body intensive repair and hydration product. Sunflower Honey Butter. It comes in a reusable, quilted glass jar with a brush and is made with all organic honey and sunflower seed oil. It penetrates quickly with vitamins A, E, and B to nourish even the driest skins. Here’s a little insider pro tip: apply this to your lips to instantly reveal smoother softer skin! This product is one of many 100% all organic skin products that Farm House carries.

Have you wanted to try our Shea Butter Creams but can’t  decide on a flavor? Your wish has been granted! Skin saviors 3 piece Shea Butter Sampler is the way to go. This trio of our best-selling shea butters is ready to quench dry skin. Included in this set: Whoopie! cream (Scented like fresh baked whoopee pies), Rainbow Road ( Scented with coconut and Bartlett pears), and Fluffy Bunny ( a light lavender mint julep). All Farm House Fresh shea butter creams have vitamin E and are packed with jojoba and Soybean oils. No worries though, a greasy feel is NOT included with these scrumptious creams! Also, the perfect size to keep in your purse, for travel or to store in your glove box.

We are excited to carry these newest creations by Farm House Fresh. Stop in before they fly off our shelves. Doesn’t your skin deserve only the most natural and best ingredients there are? These yummy creations are like dessert with none of the calories!

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