Stop, Freeze, Relax

by: Laura Koontz

It’s something I can talk to anyone about, anytime, anywhere. I can be at a wedding, at the grocery store, or talking outside with my neighbors. I joke with people that either

A) Need to buy stock in the company

B) Need to get in contact with upper management about getting paid for advertisement

Because I am that: A walking advertisement. and my personal and professional obsession, you ask? Biofreeze.

Biofreeze is a product that can be used on the whole family for so many different reasons. Wake up in the morning with a stiff neck? Biofreeze. Twinge your knee in a intense game of adult slow pitch softball? Biofreeze. Biofreeze is a gel that you massage or roll on to your problem area and within a few minutes you will feel a cooling sensation that gets down deep into the muscle to relieve the pain.

At the salon, we carry the professional biofreeze, unlike what you can find at any drugstore. The professional biofreeze has two wonderful benefits…

  1. it last longer than the original biofreeze, up to two times longer
  2. It has less of a menthol scent which can be great for those of us who are sensitive to smells.

so after this blog, I guess I am more than a walking advertisement for Biofreeze, I am total free advertisement. You’re welcome, guys. You know where to find me!


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