Who is Ready for Summer?

By: Samantha Swecker

Who is looking for a hot, trendy, new summer style? Whether it’s a hair cut that’s daring… or just a new style for the day? So What’s New?

The soft easy beach wave is the trendy style that has been around for a couple months now. This style is great for long flowy hair or even medium length hair with an angle. Everyone with a 1 or even a 1/2 inch curling iron can achieve this style quite simply. Curl the hair, keeping a loose grip on the hair, holding the ends out of the curling iron. This leaves the hair smooth to the touch but wavy like you just got out of the ocean.

Speaking of the beach, Braids are a perfect way to stay with the summer styles but keep your hair out of your face. Any and all braids are fun, stylish, and never go out of style. The side fish tail braids, the braided headband, a loose French braid or the knot braid will always keep you looking trendy.

Hold up, let’s go back to knots. Who has ever seen someone with the simple and trendy top knot? We all think the same thing… that would never look great on me, but it’s cute on her. Toss those thoughts out the window. Top knots, if done right, are cute and trendy on every girl. Okay, the top knot is super easy. The top half of the hair needs to be separated from the bottom. Do a loose messy bun, with the top of the hair. Pull some pieces ( not fully out) to loosen it up. This gives you the messy look but keeping it stylish. Great for a girls night out, a day out on the town, or even, believe it or not, great for the gym.

Fun Fact- its Lauren Conrads favorite hair style. Spice the messy look up with a braid or make it a double bun. Its fun just to try.

Last but not least, the daring pixie cut. This may be a dramatic change to most but a must have if you are sick of the long hair. This is a great wash and go style for the girls on the go. But that girl that everyone wants to be this summer is going to be you with these must haves.



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