Clean Maniac is My Middle Name

Well lets all take a second to welcome Clean Maniac to the new Redken line. One word to describe this product?…. AMAZING!

Imagine this…  you have just jumped out of the shower washing your hair with another Redken or Purology product, of course, and you towel dry your hair and put the rest of your products( mousse, gel, heat protectant, etc.) and blow dry… then you go on with your day and if you are anything like me…. those products get all gunked up in your hair. Then you have to wash your hair the next day… which can be bad for your hair. Problem solved, the clean maniac is an everyday shampoo that cleanses the hair without damaging. Great for color treated hair, the product junkies, and even the people that just hate washing their hair everyday.

This everyday shampoo uses the micellar technology which leaves the hair squeaky clean.

Gym goers, on the go workers, and even stay at homers…. you will love this product. The shampoo and condition combination kicks butt!

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