Sunflowers in Your Hair and Honey Butter on Your Feet

Farm House Fresh keeps surprising us all with the new products they are creating. New Organic lines are the hot topic this summer, and Farm House Fresh never disappoints. The new Sunflower Honey Butter is top notch!  Its an intensive repair and hydrator. But guess what?? It is ORGANIC! what???

Bee nurtured! the creamy honey butter made from organic honey is whipped from golden honey and glistening organic sunflower seed oil for the smooth skin feel everyone is looking for this summer. No one and I repeat no one wants dry ashy skin this summer. Containing Vitamin A, E, and B for the quick relief that everyone needs.

There is no catch to this product either! No synthetic herbicides, pesticides, and genetically modified organisms (GMO’s). So we all know that this is really organic and they aren’t just saying that.

Lets get down to business and get those legs, arms or body smooth and shiny for the summer. You will love the summer glow without even touching the sun. Ill just say it in advance… You’re Welcome and Enjoy!

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