Make Up Time!

Okay, so today deserves some real talk….. the rain melting the make up off almost every girls face in Maryland. Yea gross.

Foundation is key to every lovely, smooth, matte face you want. And to last all day? Flawless! Mirabella just came out with a new silicone blender like looks and works like those sponge beauty blenders everyone rages over. but there is a catch. It doesn’t catch the bacteria and dirty skin cells and lets not forget the extra foundation in its pores. This silicone blender is pore-less…. like every face wants to look like. LOL it doesn’t trap bacteria… its reusable…. and the best part you may ask..? Its smooth and washable.. Yup, you heard me, washable! just soap and water is needed to clean this miracle in a pad.

Find your foundation is being wasted or left on the sponge, brush, or even your hands? well say goodbye to wasting the money. The blender is going to let you use less foundation with a smoother look.

And the best part… its super easy! Place foundation on the blender, swirl in a circular motion on the face, this moves the product across the face. Tap repeatedly to build coverage in spots you need it more. you can get in the tight creases around the nose and eyes as well as the finer areas around the lips and into the hair line so it doesn’t make you look like you have a mask on.

Sponges and brushes are a thing of the past… its 2017 people…… Get into the future!




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