Hair Trends

Time is everything and let’s face facts, none of us want to spend hours on our hair! Hair trends are constantly changing and evolving…just like us! With busy lifestyles and for people on the go, we look to our hair gods in hope for answers and tricks so that you can breeze through your busy schedule with hair that looks effortless!

One of the biggest trends right now, scrunchies! They are making a comeback unlike no other, whether it be a low, loose ponytail or a clean sleek pulled back’s sure to make a great accessory.

Undone messy braids are very ideal for the people who want their hair out of their face but want to change things up with a touch of boho vibes.


Request for long, textured bangs in salons is rising! A versatile and undone look that makes any short bob, mid-length or long locks come to life! A great mix up for someone who likes their natural texture but just wants to add some complimenting pieciness around their face.


Dry shampoo is on the rise! It’s already been said that shampooing everyday isn’t good for the hair because it’s stripping the hair of all its natural oils. Dry shampoo helps matte out the greasy areas while also adding a fresh fragrance so that you can wake up spray and go!

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