Food and Hydration

The human body is made up of about 50-65% water, and still most of us struggle with dehydration. Everyone strives to get at least 6-8 glasses of water a day, but did you know there are other ways drink more water? Did you know there are foods that have a high water content? They’ll help contribute towards your body’s daily intake of water, so you can drink more by eating more!

We naturally need water for the body to operate, but we lose water through bodily functions every day. Through breathing, urinating, exercising, and skin evaporation ( transdermal water loss) water leaves your body. This is happening continuously every day, so it’s very easy to get dehydrated- if you are dehydrated so is your skin!

Here are my Top Ten favorite foods that provide the body and skin with water.

My # 1 favorite is STRAWBERRIES! They contain 91 percent water. They are also full of a range of powerful antioxidants.They have also been shown to have protective effects against certain types of cancers.

#2 is WATERMELONS. 92 percent water so keep on eating it! A one cup serving contains  over a half cup serving of water.

# 3 CUCUMBERS 95 percent water. They are also high in antioxidants and vitamin K. Did you know that cucumbers are actually considered a fruit?!

# 4 CELERY 95 percent water.

# 5 TOMATOES 94 percent water.

#6 CANTALOUPE 90 percent water.

#7 ORANGES 88 percent water.

# 8 GRAPEFRUIT 88 percent water.

These next two I was surprised about:

#9 BELL PEPPERS 92 percent water! Also high in vitamin C. There is 140 grams of water in one bell pepper!

Last but not least on my list, and one of my personal favorites is # 10 ZUCCHINI! 94 percent water. One cup of zucchini contains more than 90 percent water.

So get out there and find other foods high in water content! They can definitely help you on your hydration journey.

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