Muscle care for working out

It’s that time of the year where everyone is so excited on a 65° day, dreaming of that 85° day at the beach with a drink in hand. Consequently, that means bathing suit season is around the corner! If you already haven’t stepped up your fitness game with your New Years resolution, you’re certainly trying to get your butt in gear now.

While working out is fantastic and is definitely something you should keep up with year-round, it’s valuable to your health to remember all the other important parts of fitness that can get overlooked in our busy lives.

First and foremost, and I’m going to caps this so you guys catch my drift, STRETCH. Stretching is key both before AND after your work out to ensure that your muscles don’t get overworked and increase mobility for both exercise and ya know, to be able to walk properly the next day.

Another key factor to make your work outs the most beneficial for your health is to make sure you are properly hydrated.

Hydration is key in boosting your energy levels to get the best work out that you can. It also lubricates your joints to ensure repair after an intense session. Want to know exactly how much water you need for your body? Multiply your weight by 2/3 (or 67%.) The answer to that is the amount of ounces you should be drinking a day. Also, keep in mind that how often you work out, since you are expelling water when you sweat. You should add 12 ounces of water to your total for every 30 minutes that you exercise.

So you’re stretching, drinking the right amount of water for your body, and getting your sweat on doing whatever works for you (strength training, cardio, yoga, pilates, walking your dog, chasing your kids), and still having some sore days?

One of the best ways to reward yourself with all your hard work is getting a monthly maintenance massage. Massage for active bodies helps aid in mobility, flexibility, prevents injury, reduces muscle recovery time, and boosts overall performance.

Keep getting your grind on, my friend. But remember, take some time for your body to recover!

Laura Koontz, L3 Massage Therapist

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