So many nail trends, not enough fingers!

Every summer, there seems to be a new ‘in’ color. Whether neons, sparkles, or fun designs, everyone loves to switch things up for summer! Want to see what people are asking for THIS summer? From “New Neutrals” to Black, keep reading to find out how to NAIL the perfect mani/ pedi this summer. 

  1. “New Neutrals” 

This trend is for anyone tired of searching for the perfect nude nail polish. instead of reaching for the same beiges and pinks, try muted tones of your favorite colors; peach, blue, lavender, etc, are a huge hit! They add a little pop of color but won’t clash with your wardrobe.

2. High Shine or Glitter

High-shine top coats or a glitter layer over top of your favorite color will take your mani from drab to fab! It will give you a look-at-me style, making them perfect for any summer occasion.

3. Two- toned mani

Can’t pick just one color? Why choose?! Two tone nails make a bold statement and let you experiment with more than one polish or additive.

4. Rounded nails

A classic round nail is the ultimate go-to nail shape. It will give your nails a clean, well kept look and proves a good manicure will never go out of style. 

5. Black Polish

Remember that phase when only angsty teenagers wore black nail polish? That is NO MORE as black nail polish has had the ultimate glow-up. Dark nails with a high gloss shine now give a chic look that you can rock as a stay-at-home mom, or CEO. 

Gerry Lvl 3 Nail Tech

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