WOW, those lashes!

I’m sure you’ve seen someone this summer by the pool, at the beach, or even picking up frozen yogurt with your kids and thought, “WOW, those lashes!”

What once was a look of the celebrities can be found here at Elements of Style for your affordable, dream lashes!

Novalash eyelash extensions are amazing year round, but in summer, they’ll become your favorite accessory. Summertime lashes are a dream come true.  To be able to go on vacation and not have to worry about mascara running down your face, or to be able to save tons of time on make up application is priceless!

Here are some helpful tips and tricks for taking care of your Novalash extensions. These hints are useful year-round, but ESPECIALLY in the summer.

Post swimming:

Make sure to keep your lashes so fresh and so CLEAN!

Both salt water and chlorine can affect the lash adhesive in a negative way. Be sure to wash off your lashes after a refreshing dip. Use fresh water and pat dry (no rubbing with a hand or towel!) to keep your lashes fabu-lash as long as possible!

Don’t be afraid to get your lashes wet, in fact the best time to clean them is in the shower with water and brush them after with your wand. 

Be safe with Sun Protection:

Be careful while applying sunscreen. Avoid your eyes as much as possible.

Many sunscreens contain oils and glycol that can both affect the life of your lashes. Glycol is the lash adhesive’s natural enemy! Be careful when applying around your eyes to ensure your lashes stay put.

What’s holding you back? Try Novalash extensions to enhance your summer look and give yourself more time doing what you want this summer, knowing you’re gonna look flawless! 

Laura, Lvl 3 Lash Artist & Massage Therapist

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