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How to undo your day…

Every day we tend to do repetitive motions or hold our bodies in a specific positions for long periods of time.  Even the stress we put on ourselves mentally These actions cause muscle tensions and knots to develop in your body.  Holding your body in unnatural positions can lead to many bodily problems that can often affect your lifestyle. It’s important to take a moment at least every day to reverse the strain we keep on ourselves. It’s also important to schedule regular sessions with me, your massage therapist!

Think over your day and recall the motions you repeat again and again. Specifically think about how you carry your body.

Are you seated at a desk all day long?  Do you do a lot of driving?  Do you lift and carry a lot?  Are you always on the phone?  How do you hold your phone? 

The actions you make on a daily basis can put unnecessary strain on your body that can take years to reverse if you don’t take the time to unwind your body.

Finding ways to undo the repetitive stress of your daily life will help you feel better.  If you spend your day hunched over a desk all day then try to do the opposite when you get home. Sit with your back tall, go for a walk, lay down and meditate. When you are home and relaxing, try to put your body in a position that is opposite to what you do at work.  Take a deep breath and release all the tension you feel.

Try stretching out, arching backwards, opening up your body.  Relax yourself in positions that stretch your muscles.  Stretch your body to lengthen the muscles you keep in shortened positions all day.  It will help keep you from curling into a ball of stress.  

Lastly, once a month, schedule an hour-long massage session to work the muscle strain and stress right out of your body.

Jame, Level 2 Massage Therapist

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