Fall Hair Forecast: 2019

At the end of summer we are all winding down and preparing ourselves for the change of season. For some people it’s going back to college, or getting your kids back in their normal routine (finally!), or getting that last vacation in before the days get shorter and the weather gets cooler! Whatever the new season may bring, we are all looking to do something to our hair to switch it up.

I think we will be seeing some bold and soft hair this season! For the people willing to step out of the norm, there will be multiple shades of yellow and orange! From an orange rust to a golden glow we are seeing inspirations from all things autumn. These colors are a phenomenal option to be bold but still soft and warm.

From Pulp Riot

For those of us looking to go from summer brightness to a richer, warmer color there will be a lot of soft color melts. Color melts are just as gorgeous as they are low maintenance! You can still keep your beautiful summer blonde that you worked so hard for all while melting the natural tone down to soften the transition.

For those of us who are wanting to take the deep dive into all of the rich chocolate tones without losing dimension, you can darken the whole natural base and melt it into warm copper tones.

There’s nothing that beats all of the beautiful rich colors that we see in the fall. From the leaves to the hair all heads will be turning to catch a glimpse of what’s new!

Brittany Harvey, Level 3 Stylist

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