My Experience getting a Red Hot Apple Toddy Pedicure!

This month at Elements of Style, we are offering a Red Hot Apple Toddy Pedicure, perfect for the start of Fall! This luxurious pedicure features some of our favorite products from the FarmHouse Fresh line! Yesterday after a long day of hustle and bustle down in the salon, it was my turn to enjoy an hour-long sit in our pedicure chair, serviced by Kristen, one of our level 1 nail technicians.

When my service began, the pedicure tub was filled with warm, bubbling water, with the smell of our Apple Toddy bath bomb all throughout the spa. It instantly put me in the mood for Fall. The bath bomb is infused with vitamin E to nourish dry legs, and also has a little sparkle added to it for extra fun. There was an Apple Cider Mimosa waiting for me before I even sat in the chair, which is served with every Red Hot pedicure that we do. Exactly what I needed after a long day of working in the salon.

The service began with Kristen trimming and shaping my nails, and doing cuticle work to get my nails looking perfect. All I had to do was sit back, relax, and enjoy my drink. After the maintenance work was completed, Kristen began using FarmHouse Fresh’s Bourbon Bubbler Exfoliant on my legs and feet.

This scrub is my ALL TIME favorite from FarmHouse Fresh. The exfoliant is tiny sugar crystals that melt into your skin the more it’s worked. It has a splash of Texas Bourbon in it, giving it an AMAZING gingerbread scent, that last all day long.

After this, Kristen used FarmHouse Fresh’s Honey Heel Glaze all over my feet and legs, wrapped them in warm towels, and began getting her supplies ready for the rest of the pedicure. This is always my favorite part. The Honey Heel Glaze is an AMAZING product that moisturizes and exfoliates. By adding the hot towels, it gives the product more penetration power to give the most benefits possible. After she removed the hot towels, my legs and feel felt so soft and amazing!

I knew by this time my pedicure was almost over, but the best was yet to come. For this pedicure, there are two (!!!!!!) massage times. The first massage is done with Red Hot Shandy, a cinnamon sugar body oil. After that, she massaged my legs and feet with Velvet Sundae, a creme brulee inspired lotion. I was on cloud nine.

To finish it all off, I always let Kristin choose what color to do on me, and she never disappoints. She painted my nails a beautiful deep purple with two layers of glitter on top!

For a great time this September, I highly recommend trying our Red Hot Apple Toddy Pedicure. This special won’t last long so be sure to come enjoy it while it lasts!

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