Take a Step into our Spa….

Hi everyone! Hope your holidays is starting off amazing. I’m here to talk about our incredible Spa; from the physical and mental benefits, services and products we offer, even down to the amazing new packages and gift cards!

Our Spa offers many benefits for your well being. When you visit our Spa you’re instantly welcomed by a beautiful waterfall that sets the mood, not to mention our wonderful spa crew. The spa offers a great opportunity to separate yourself from life’s daily stress. Allowing yourself precious “me time” to wind down and relax has so many additional benefits, such as a clear mind and increased productivity once you leave your treatment! Stress can cause damage to the skin- stress’s most common side effect is aging skin. At our spa we have a variety of treatments to help reverse the signs of aging, from our custom facials, Hydrojelly mask, to LightStim therapy created by NASA (I know super exciting…right!).                                                

At Elements of Style we take pride in every aspect of our services…its a kind of art. With a clear mind comes better quality of sleep, our massages do just that. As a receptionist I love seeing our clients walk down super tired. Why? Well that means they are “Massage Drunk” which means their body and mind is extremely happy with their service. Our massages are always custom to each client’s body. When you experience a massage from us, our therapists always consult with you and ask questions about your daily life and what could be causing your muscle pain and stress. All of our facial and massages helps promote happiness, increase blood flow, reduces headaches, leaving you with radiant skin!   Our vision of a “Spa” is a lot bigger than your typical spa. We take pride in our education all the way down to making the best possible experience for our clients, however that’s just never enough. We love going the extra mile to stand out from the rest. We have created special packages that can cater to any client and even become AMAZING gift. Lets dive into our packages a bit more. When buying a package we like to look at the big picture…and it all starts with the name.                

We have four main packages Spa Retreat, Spa Getaway, Great Escape, and All-Inclusive. I don’t know about you…but doesn’t these packages get you so excited you want to go on a vacation with us!  Those packages we offer don’t just stop there we also cater to just services. Members of the spa are loyal. Some just come to get manicures and pedicures or even facials and massages. We offer packages to those specific services at a discounted price. Now when a client buys a package those services go directly into their account so that when they leave its quick and easy. For some clients, our packages aren’t always the best option, and that’s why we offer gift cards. When purchasing gift cards we give our clients the freedom to choose their amount or purchase a price amount of a service. Elements of Styles spa can’t wait to welcome you in with open arms. This holiday season treat yourself to a little getaway.                 

Brandon, Front Desk Professional

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