Meet Your Stylist!

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I’m sure everyone is familiar with the anxiety of going to a new stylist or salon. What if their style doesn’t match the look I’m going for? What if they’re not experienced in the technique I need? What if there’s no conversation and it’s awkward and quiet? Or the opposite, what if they try to talk to me the whole time?! The questions are endless, and honestly, quite nerve-wracking. 80% of women agree that hair influences your personal outlook, so it’s no question why a bad hairdo can ruin our whole mood.

What if we could skip all the question-asking and anxiety? What if, before your appointment even began, you knew you were in the right hands? That’s where Meet Your Stylist comes in!

The Meet Your Stylist Quiz is a revolutionary tool to match you with the Stylists to best fit your needs! It’ll ask all the questions imperative to your amazing salon experience- from your hair type to what your personal style is and more!

When you’re done the quiz, they’ll match you up with three different stylists that best suit your preferences, and we’ll email you with their next appointment availability! Trying to find a new stylist has never been easier.

Maybe you’re new to the salon, maybe your stylist is on maternity leave and you need to find a back-up stylist- whatever the case, Meet Your Stylist is the way to go.

Riley Front Desk Professional

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