Valentine’s Day Date Nights Tips and Tricks using Redken and Mirabella

Date night is the perfect chance to break out of your usual beauty routine and vamp up the romance. In this article, you’ll find some hot tips to get the most flirtatious makeup and hair styles. Whether your date is comfy casual, or bold and fancy, you’ll be able to apply these tips to your next date night.

Keep it Smokey

Smokey eyes make the most dramatic makeup look for a night out.

You will want to open up your “Eye Love You” Mirabella eye shadow palette and concentrate the darkest shade you are using around the outer corners of your eye while blending out towards the outer center. Its always a good idea to keep the center of your eyelid light or shimmery to really bring out your eyes. In addition, if you love sparkles, you could use a loose glitter or a liquid glittery eye shadow to use as eyeliner, or use it on the center of the lid. Lastly, use a bold lipstick for instance, Mirabella’s perfect red lipstick to add to your dramatic look.

Fringe effect

If you don’t like to wear a lot of makeup, creating a fringe effect on your eyes is a sultry change. All you have to do for this look is use Mirabella’s Mink Effect False Eyelashes and Lash Luxe Mascara. By doing this, the false lashes stick to your own, blending them in. You could also take Mirabella’s brow pencil and use feather-like strokes to fill in sparse places in your brow. Thirdly, use the other side of the brow pencil to blur the marks to create a natural looking brow. Lastly, use a Mirabella lip gloss of your choice for a sheer lip.

Makeup for warm complexions  

If you have a warm complexion, a makeup look using toffee and caramel colors will suit you very well. Open up your Mirabella Rendezvous Eye Love You eye shadow palette and cover your lid with a shimmery, warm taupe color. Also, you can take Mirabella’s Magic Marker Eyeliner and create a dramatic wing, or just enhance your upper waterline with Mirabella’s Eye Definer Pencil Eyeliner. You can also use Mirabella’s Lash Luxe mascara for long lasting dark eyelashes. Lastly, use Mirabella’s Long Lasting Matte Liquid Lipsticks and choose a nude shade for your lip.

If you are concerned with your makeup not lasting throughout your special night you can use bulletproof setting spray to set the foundation of your work. Now it’s time to dial up the romance and try some of the hottest new makeup trends of 2020!


Fluffy ponytails:

Let’s bring ponytails back! Use quick tease hairspray by Redken to tease a bump in the crown of your head. Next, make a simple ponytail and use one strand of the ends to wrap around the elastic you used. Then, use iron shape for heat protection to spray on the ends of your hair to make soft romantic curls with a Hot Tools 1 inch curling iron. Lastly, spray Redkens Triple take 32 hairspray all over for extra hold throughout the night.

Loose curls: Nothing says delicate like loose curls! Start with spraying your hair all over with Hot Sets by Redken for heat protection, smoothing, and hold benefits. Then, section your hair starting with the underneath and grab your Hot Tools 1 ½ curling iron and alternate each curl until you reach the top section. After finishing curling, spray with Redkens forceful 23 hairspray for a touchable hold and to combat frizz.

These are my top 2 looks for a beautiful and simple date night hairstyle. I hope to see you in and let me know how Redkens products helped you rock your date night!

Amberly Level 1 Stylist

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