Jake Kissel on Halo Couture!

Hair doesn’t make a woman, but great hair certainly helps. Its a form of expression, an accessory, and can even be liberating.

Some might want to play around with a new style or enhance a look. Others might want to add hair for other reasons, either cosmetic or necessity. Here are some statistics about hair loss: Around 50% of all women start losing hair at age 50. 65% of chemo patients experience hair loss. 

Whatever the reason, whether hair loss or look enhancement, we love the HALOCOUTURE hair option because of how gentle it is to add these to your head. You will be left with a natural yet enhanced look to fit your personality.

The Original HALOCOUTURE is our most popular hair piece. If you want length and fullness, this is your answer. Think of yourself having a halo on your head, that’s exactly where it will sit. The halo original is quite comfortable and so easy to put on and take off.

Jake showing how to wear and style a Halo Original

Next we have the HALOCOUTURE Fall. This option is a great choice for all people. Its applied to the top of your head to cover any thinning areas or simply to add volume. It comes with snap clips for easy application and removal. Your hair will be thicker and more voluminous, giving you more versatility in your hairstyles.

Jake sharing the benefits of Halo Fall

 Sixteen inches of luscious hair, HALOCOUTURE Pony can do no wrong. I call this hair piece “The Power Pony”. This power piece will add some pep to your step for sure. Perfect for those on the go gals that want a longer and fuller pony tail.

Be sure to watch the video to see application and other tips.

Jake showing how to wear and style a Halo Pony

For all of the fine or silky hair ladies here are some tips. Add mousse and or a texture spray like Pureology’s on the rise Root Lift or Wind Tossed Texture Spray to help keep your hair in place and look more blended.

For maintenance and care for your new hair, you will want to invest in this Halo kit.

“The only product line guaranteed to work with our Extensions.”

HALOCOUTURE® Extension Care Line was specifically designed to protect the keratin seal on your Extensions. This product line is packed with Anti-Aging ingredients that help maintain, preserve and extend the life of your Extensions. This is highly recommended to maintain the health and vibrancy of this hair.

Happiness is a good hair day. Have your happiness your way with HALOCOUTURE extensions.

Jake Kissel 4AA Stylist

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