Lynzi’s Top 5 BioElements Products!

At Elements of Style we carry an AMAZING skincare line called Bioelements.

They’ve been the leading manufacturer of professional skincare products since the 90’s and that’s because their products actually WORK!

Below I listed what I’m using on my skin currently and why I love these products!

Everyone’s personal skincare routine is going to look a little different- I chose the products I did for hydration and anti-aging. Always feel free to let your stylist know if you have any questions with your skin.

  1. Urban Undo

This cleanser is absolutely one of a kind- from it’s unique texture, color, and scent. This cleanser uses a mineral called Malachite as a natural magnet to remove dirt and toxins from your skin. This isn’t for every day use, but after a week or two I noticed a huge difference in my complexion! For drier skin types once a week would work well, whereas for oily types might benefit from using it every two days.

2. Createfirm

Createfirm is like a facelift in a bottle. Put a light layer on under your moisturizer and it helps defy the physical signs of aging. It makes your skin feel and look tighter almost instantly.

3. vc10 Daily Glow

This super-serum makes you GLOW! It’s amazing for someone with sensitive skin that struggles to find a non-irritating Vitamin C serum. It’s going to give skin serious glow, as it fights free radical damage like lines, spots and sag caused by sun, pollution and chronological aging.

4. Quick Refiner for Eyes

This fast-acting gentle peel features exfoliating enzymes and alpha hydroxy acids to sweep away lines and eliminate the signs of fatigued, aging eyes. Speeds cell turnover – boosting brightness and targeting stubborn milia – as comforting botanicals envelop skin in soothing moisture. Created specifically for the most delicate, sensitive skin under the eyes.

5. Collagen Rehab

Amino acids help support collagen and elastin performance – so lines appear filled, skin looks firmer, and acts years younger. Plus, vitamin F and fatty acid-infused lipids mimic skin’s natural ability to maintain elasticity. Saturates skin to create a discernible moisture barrier that lasts up to 72 hours. Wrinkle appearance improves, and skin looks instantly renewed, dewy and firmer.

Lynzi Level 4A Stylist

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