EOS New Loyalty App!

We have a new Loyalty Program! This means a new app! Keep scrolling to learn more…

To download:

Android Users: Click Here Apple Users: Click Here

Note: After you download the app, DO NOT create a new profile. Hit “forgot password” and enter your e-mail. You will be e-mailed a link to set up your password and create your account.

Why did you guys change your loyalty program?

We needed to re-evaluate our salon company & find a way to best suit the company’s health and still give back to our loyal guests. Our old app was unreliable & couldn’t integrate with our computer system; meaning purchases weren’t tracked automatically & you couldn’t see your appointments on the app- now BOTH of these things can happen, along with some awesome new perks.

I had points on the old app, will I still be able to use those?

Yes. If you recall, our old loyalty program was 1 scan for every $100 spent with us. When you fill out the form to be a part of our new gift program, we will automatically transfer over all of your old points from the $100 loyalty club. 1 scan=100 points. The Chem Shots and products will not be brought over since they are now factored into the point program.

I had redemptions available for a discount from the app, can I still use them?

Absolutely. You earned those coupons!

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