What is EOS’s Associate Program?

Have you been in with us for a service and seen a friendly face hanging around with you and your stylist? More than likely they are an associate stylist!

Here at Elements of Style, we pride ourselves in being a teaching salon and having our stylists as educated and prepared as possible, every step of the way.

We like to say that cosmetology school is like a bachelor’s degree, and our associate program is like a master’s degree. Cool right??

What is the associate program?

Our associate program is further education around 6-9 months, where a mentor and mentee relationship is formed.

The associate stylist starts off observing, shampooing, becoming familiar with products, and getting comfortable with guest interactions.

As the program progresses, the associate stylist begins helping applying color or lightener side by side with the mentor, and blow drying and styling. The associate stylist also creates a mini photo shoot for the guest at the end of their service! Who wouldn’t wanna feel like a model??

**We also always ask each and every guests for permission for our associate stylist to be helping with services.

Who can be an associate stylist?

Any new, and most importantly, licensed stylist will be part of our associate program. A stylist must receive 1500 hours of education, and pass 2 state board exams to receive their license in the state of Maryland.

What’s next?

After a few months in the program, the associate stylist gets an opportunity day, meaning once a week they can provide services on guests by request only. They continue with their opportunity day until they have graduated the program, and then they become a Level 1 Stylist.

We have year round education for our salon, and many MANDATORY classes for associates and level 1 stylists.

The cosmetology world is ever evolving and progressing, and we have to be constantly learning to keep up. We hope to see you in our chairs soon, and maybe you’ll be in for a service with an associate director and stylist 😉

Brit C. Associate Stylist Elements of Style Salon Eldersburg

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