2021 Beach Hair Inspiration!

Let’s talk beach styles! Sunny days & fun nights are fastly approaching- we’re gonna show you some super easy styles that anyone can do!

When I think of the perfect beach style, I think of something quick, heatless, & will keep my hair out of my face all day/night!

For the first style, you can spilt your hair into 2 sections, & tie them loosely into buns at the nape of your neck. Once your hair is in two buns pull hair lightly to make a bigger bun and pin hair as needed.  This style shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes and the messier, the better!

Another easy look is to pull your hair into a loose low ponytail, once hair is secured, flip the length of your hair behind the ponytail & fluff out the twisted section. I love this look especially when I come right off the beach straight to dinner, the texture from the ocean hugely enhances this look!

Braiding is another easy style to do at the beach that’s very versatile. Plus, you can never go wrong with this style! Did you know that taking your hair out of braids that were put into damp hair gives the most BEAUTIFUL beach waves?

To do a Dutch braid you take 3 strands of hair and move the middle section to the outside each time. You can either split down your hair down the middle or do one braid down the center of your head. After your braid it, lightly pull on the loops of the braids to fluff it out for a bigger braid effect 

Be sure to tag us if you try any of these super cute styles this summer! @elementsofstylesaloneldersburg / @elementsofstylefrederick !

Jessica, level 1 stylist, Elements of Style Frederick

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