Lynzi’s Top 5 BioElements Products!

At Elements of Style we carry an AMAZING skincare line called Bioelements. They've been the leading manufacturer of professional skincare products since the 90's and that's because their products actually WORK! Below I listed what I'm using on my skin currently and why I love these products! Everyone's personal skincare routine is going to look … Continue reading Lynzi’s Top 5 BioElements Products!

Jake Kissel on Halo Couture!

Hair doesn't make a woman, but great hair certainly helps. Its a form of expression, an accessory, and can even be liberating. Some might want to play around with a new style or enhance a look. Others might want to add hair for other reasons, either cosmetic or necessity. Here are some statistics about hair … Continue reading Jake Kissel on Halo Couture!

Spa Closing

Dear Loyal Guest, This letter is to inform you that Elements of Style Spa’s department will be closing on June 13th, 2020. As a company, we have decided it is in our best interest to focus on the hair department and expand our space to accommodate more hair services. Deciding that we would close the … Continue reading Spa Closing