Hair Curling 101

By: Maddy Therit

Have you even had an event, date or photoshoot coming up and you’ve wanted to have perfect curls but weren’t quite sure how to achieve them?  Have you ever wanted to recreate the curls/ waves your stylist at the salon gave you, but weren’t sure where to even start? Have you ever curled you hair and the curls slipped right out before the event even started?  Well my name is Maddy, I am a stylist at Elements of Style Salon and I am here to help!  Today I want to give you hot tips and tricks to make your hair and curls perfect for each event!

Let’s talk tools for a second! There are multiple ways you can curl your hair but today I want to focus more on curls created with curling and flatirons.  There are numerous sizes of curling irons ranging from 3/8” to 2”.  Depending on the length and density of hair, and type of curl desired will determine the barrel size.  For a kinky/ tighter curl, use a smaller 3/8” barrel, for a spiral curl use a 1” and for a wave or bend use anywhere from 1” and up.  Please refer down to the styling guide below to help make your selection. Once you’ve selected the type of curl you want lets learn how-to.  For a simple curl drag iron down a section of hair and stop halfway through the strand.  Slowly clamp and twist upward towards the scalp.  Slowly hold down and release the clamp all while still twisting towards the scalp to add in the rest of the ends in, hold for a max of 3 seconds and release! For a more waved look I love to follow the same directions I just leave 1”-3” of the ends out to get that wave finish.  If curling with a flat iron the easiest way is to take a section of hair clamp down close the the scalp, slowly twist flatiron in one direction and slide iron all the way down the section and a instant curl should form!  If someone has finer hair or you know your curls fall quickly a flatiron is the way to go!

Now that you have determined the proper tool and or barrel size lets talk protection! When curling your hair with a heated tool you’ll always want to use a heat protect and make sure your hair is 100% dry.  My absolute favorite heat protectant for everyday use is Redken Iron Shape,  but for more formal curls and longer lasting results my go to is Redken Hot Sets.  Now grab that heat protection and lets get started!  Adjust temperature to proper heat selection; for finer hair please use a lower heat setting and for a more dense hair type use a higher temperature.  If you are newer or slower to curling please use a lower heat temperature. As you begin to master the technique of curling the temperature can rise.  Lets remember “low and slow” when starting out.

Lets begin sectioning! I love to create sections so its easier to see what I have already curled versus what still needs to be curled.  My first section is the nape (bottom back of the head), I’ll spray with my heat protection of choice take a section from the nape as big as the barrel size on your iron and begin to curl.  Once section is completed move to the occipital bone (where the head starts to curve shape above the ears) spray with protection and curl. I then determine if I am going to take one or two more sections.  I gage this depending on the amount of hair left and barrel size chosen.  Once hair is all curled I spray with Pureology Soft Finishing Spray to set! I then let the curls cool down before I touch them!  Sometimes I let them fall on their own or other times I will run my fingers or wide tooth comb to create a more textured look.  If event is later in the afternoon or evening and I won’t have time later, sometimes I will roll each curl in a velcro roller or pin with a duck bill clip to set. This allows curl to cool and set in place and will create longevity! I will even spray with a lighter hair spray to help create more hold.  Once you are ready and curls are set how you desire I will then take a higher hold hairspray such as Lock-it Down by Pureology and spray entire head.  I will even flip my head over and spray the underneath side of my nape.  Once you have a higher hold spray on your curls do NOT touch them, let them be, touching your curls will create friction and end in frizz! I hope this helps and leads you in the right direction! If you have any questions feel free to book an appointment with one our stylists for a blow out and curl by calling or texting 410-795-9465!  Our stylists can go in detail and suggest the proper barrel sizing and products and even give you a visual on how-to curl your hair! Happy Curling!

You can find all of the products mentioned throughout either in our salon or on our website!


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