Spring is in the Hair

Spring 2017 is just around the corner and we have been getting more excited with this tease of warm weather we have been having also. Trends never go out of style, they always make they’re way back around but in a more modern way. Some of our favorite hair color trends or hairstyle trends have stuck around forever and some, well let’s just say they didn’t stick it there. The Balayge is coloring technique will be one to never go out of style. It just keeps getting better and better! When the seasons change so must your hair. Maybe consider some warm caramel tones to add to your boring brown or even just add a pop of color to accent your blonde to create dimensional locks. There’s a trend out there for everyone this year ranging from blondes to brunettes and even red heads.

The biggest one that will take people by surprise is the new hair trend “Blorange” some may think instantly “EW, who wants blue and orange hair?” It’s actually quite subtle and can add sweet peachy hues to blondes and brunettes. Couldn’t be more pretty for Spring. Another one for the books that never dies down is the “Bronde”. This color is so unique, adding sparkles of blonde in the light and depth and shadows in the dark. It’s having the best of both and if you can’t decide between wanting to be blonde or brunette, you can do both. If you’re a red head, you might want to consider dipping your locks into come honey and call it Honest Strawberry. This is a sweet color that is so warm and fun. It’ll add a flow to your skin even if your don’t tan. It has great reflect on the light and it’s a total show stopper. If you’re feeling like going natural and you’re done covering up that grey that you get every month, it might be time to embrace it. This grey trend will have you feeling fearless and bold. Take it tot he next level if you’re used to being platinum or add a subtle accent of light color to create a natural dimensional grey.

Over the years, colors have become less bold and more blended. “A better blend” is a trend the naturally everyone wants whether it’s a blonde with a subtle Balayge or a brunettes with caramel balayge. These colors mostly have deeper roots and lots of dimension. The purpose is to not see where the color starts or ends. It’s truly whimsical!

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