Bee Ready for the Honey


Shut your eyes. When I say the word Honey, what do you think of? The honey bees in the field collecting pollen? Winnie the Pooh face down in the Honey Pot? how about Elements of style puts a new whimsical spin on the word Honey. The body oils used here in our Spa services are delightful. The senses put your mind at ease while hydrating the skin. We have a pedicure that is going on for the rest of April here at Elements of Style that is called the Honey Magnolia Wine Pedi. This is a Lavender Hibiscus bath soak, a Whipped Honey Sea Salt Scrub including sea salt grains, rice bran oil, vitamin E and a honey scent. This pedicure is finished off with a massage of the Legs and feet with the Honey Magnolia Oil from Farm House Fresh. The body oils nourish the skin by gentle massaging them into the damp skin and seals the softness with just a hint of shine. Like I’ve said in other blogs, the Farm House Fresh is Gluten free, paraben free, sulfate free and vegan. The Honey Magnolia oil is 96% natural as well.

Most people may think that oils are making them, well, oily. This does not! This soaks in the skin leaving the skin smooth, hydrated, and subtle to the touch. One pump is all your need. I love the body oil when I get out of the shower. This will lock in extra hydration with leaving the skin still smooth and dry. This is great after shaving your legs as well. This is going to take the dry skin cells and plump them up. Filling them up with hydrating ingredients and settling them back into the skin.

Who has dry knees or even elbows? Not anymore. Who is peeling from vacation at the Beach? Keep that tan that you worked so hard to get and hydrate the dry, peeling skin. There is an unlimited amount of possibilities. These body oils are the life saver everyone is looking for.



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