The 3 Styling Products You May Need

When it comes to creating long lasting, beautiful hair styles, you need products that are easy to use and guarantee amazing results. Thankfully, Redken’s styling collection offers 3 innovative hairsprays that will keep you looking fabulous long after you leave the stylist’s chair, Triple Pure 32, Triple Take 32, and Triple Dry 15.

These styling products are a must-have for you to take home. The secret to flawless results every time? Redken’s patented tri-actuator design. The design ensures product is distributed evenly onto the hair with every use, making it the ultimate choice for a beautiful finishing touch.

For A Hold That Can Do It All: Triple Pure 32:

The newest addition to Redken’s hairspray portfolio, the neutral-fragrance Triple Pure 32, is true hair holding hero. Redken’s New Triple Pure 32 provides the same amazing, all-day hold as Redken’s legendary Triple Take 32 (as in, your hairstyle won’t budge no matter how humid it gets out there) but with a neutral fragrance. It works on all hair types to help create and set any style, from beachy waves to formal updos.

For Your Best-Ever Beach Waves: Triple Dry 15 Redken 2019

Often times, the most “effortless” styles (looking at you beachy waves) require the help of great products. A great dry texturizing spray—like Redken’s Triple Dry 15, allows you to easily create the tousled texture of your guest’s dreams without the stress. Providing just the right amount of airy lift and volume, Redken’s Triple Dry 15 is an excellent choice if you’re looking to create effortlessly cool, beachy texture.

For A Lasting Hold and Lightweight Feel: Triple Take 32

From structured updos to loose, beautiful curls, Triple Take 32 extreme high-hold hairspray has got you covered. This hairspray will lock any hairstyle in place with lasting hold and a lightweight, no product feel.

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