Kneading that Couples Time

By: Laura Koontz

Who doesn’t love or straight out just NEED a massage?  How many nights have you come home after an extremely long and stressful day at the office and just NEEDED your other half to rub your back and neck?  And it lasts around about five minutes, ten if you’re lucky before you hear “My hands hurt, I’m done.”  Then he usually wants a 90-minute massage in return.  Right.  We’ve all been there.  Maybe your best bet would be for both of you to get a professional massage every now and then, but for some guys that can be out of their comfort zone.  Most men do love massage, but possibly the idea of just coming to the spa on their own can sound a bit intimidating.  One of the best solutions I tell my female clients that want to try to get their hubby’s to come in is have them come in with you!

One of our most comfort-zone friendly ways of getting spouses to come in for a massage is offering our amazing couples massage.  Before the massage itself, you get to enjoy our couples massage room with champagne, chocolates, and there is an optional questionnaire game to play with each other.  Of course the best part following is 50-minute massage.  There have been so many studies done on all of the positive effects mentally, physically, and emotionally that massage can do for you. I could ramble some statistics but one of the truest things I could say about the benefits of a couples massage is the positive effect I see for couples after they enjoy the experience together.  Whether it’s your first year together or the 50th, with as busy as everyone is in their day-to-day lives, to be able to take the time out of the day to enjoy this experience with each other is huge.

It doesn’t have to just be husband and wife or boyfriend and girlfriend.  I’ve had best friends come in for a day of reconnecting, mothers and daughters celebrating the birth of a child and grandchild, any relationship that both people need that time to take care of their bodies and themselves overall.  Allowing you to rejuvenate and refresh with someone you care about is the BEST thing I can say about couple’s massages.

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